All these successes have led to a major goal: 1,500 Modula units sold across the planet in 2016. Team spirit, passion, and commitment are the secrets behind the success of Modula.

After celebrating an important sales goal of 100 Modula units sold by the branch System España, and the share of 200 units produced in the new factory of Lewiston, Maine, the company reached 1531 units sold around the world.
Around 200 people work at the facilities of Salvaterra, on 3 shifts, to guarantee maximum productivity and high speed deliveries but the entire world sales network has increased company presence on numerous local markets, opening up business to interesting objectives for 2017. 

Ongoing investments in technologies such as the pipe laser line for cutting pipelines, the new automatic assembly lines for drawer sliding elements and the robotic welding stations have enabled an exponential growth in production, which has also seen the site double in size, with a new building right next to the current one, to be inaugurated in a few months in Italy.

A global success due to a targeted industrial development plan, boosted by the team spirit and strong determination of all those working in the teams across the various continents.

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